Popular Forts in Ahmedabad

Popular Forts in Ahmedabad

Here’s a list of Popular forts in Ahmedabad recommended by our experts:

Jhulta Minara

Formally known as the Sidi Bashar Mosque, the construction is also referred to as Jhulta Minara because of its vibrating minarets. The mosque was built in the year 1452 AD by a refined the court of Emperor Muhammad Begada. Like the various structures in Ahmedabad, the mosque is established in sandstone with intricate carvings. The structure contains 2 minarets which vibrate with even the gentlest shake. The passageway, however, stays free from the vibration.

Bhadra Fort

Established in the 15th century by the Muslim ruler Ahmad Shah I, the Bhadra Fort serves as the city’s cultural center and contains palaces, mosques, and massive gates. The structure was rebuilt and expanded several times over the course of history and after the British conquered Ahmedabad in 1817, also served as a jail during the British Raj. Today the structure contains government offices and is used to hoist the Indian national flag during the Independence Day and Republic Day ceremonies.

Teen Darwaza

Located southeast of the Bhadra Fort, the Teen Darwaza (Triple Gateway) was the entrance to the Royal Square or Maidan Shahi where the royal processions and polo games were once held. Today, the Teen Darwaza straddles the road, which is replete with shops selling block prints, silverware, and other small things.

Heritage Walks

Ahmedabad is one of the quickest developing cities in India. It is also an architectural mecca of sorts, with structures designed by Le Corbusier and Louis Kahn. These buildings are an ideal of how flawlessly the city has embraced the present while being established in its heritage. It is a city with a “living culture” dating back to 1411 when it was established by Sultan Ahmad Shah on the banks of the Sabarmati river. It has some of the finest examples of Islamic monuments, Jain temples and vernacular wooden construction and a thriving ‘Walled City Culture’.

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Sarkhej Roja

At a short separation from Vishala Complex is Sarkhej Roja, which is an excellent complex of tombs and pavilions. The complex is established around a manufactured lake made by the leaders of Gujarat. The prominent tombs here include that of Ahmed Shah’s spiritual advisor, Sheikh Ahmed Khattu. One can witness fine carving and metal latticework here.