Famous Tourist Places in Jamnagar, Gujarat

Famous Tourist Places in Jamnagar, Gujarat

Forts and Places you must see in Jamnagar

Nawanagar is situated in the western region of Gujarat, now it is popularly well known as Jamnagar. House to a history, Jamnagar has played an exceptionally influential role in the process of shaping the culture of Gujarat. construct as a popular royal state around the 16th century by the Jadeja, Jamnagar is brilliant with Hindu Mythology. Practically the entirety of this beautiful city is spread with remnants of the rich legacy of Jamnagar, of the numerous amazing Monuments and Forts in Jamnagar.

Some popular places you should visit in Jamnagar:

Marine National Park

First Marine National Park in India located in Jamnagar city of Gujarat, spread over an area of close to 458 Square Kilometers in the Gulf of Kutch, 30 Kilometers from Jamnagar. The National Park were constructed in 1980 and 1982 in the Gulf of Kutch, respectively.Out of the various islands, the Pirotan Island is entirely popular and is blessed with multiple marine life.

Khijadiya Bird Sanctuary

With a special ecosystem comprising of both freshwater and saltwater. Khijadia Bird Sanctuary is a bird watcher’s heaven, a seasonal wetland is situated at a separation of 10 kms the north or the east from Jamnagar on the southern coast of Gulf of Kutch facing the Arabian Sea. Khijadia Bird Sanctuary occupies an area of 605 hectare revenue wasteland adjoining the coastal wetland. The Marine Sanctuary of Jamnagar lies adjacent to the Khijadia Bird Sanctuary near the Gulf of Kutch.

Pratap Vilas Palace

Pratap Vilas Palace is astounding in its equilibrium, is a seamless mixture of royal Indian architecture and imperial European styles of architecture. Palace was established between 1907 and 1915, In 1968 Jam Singh converted into a nature park. With an intricate sculpture of leaves, animals, flowers and many more, The Pratap Vilas Palace is a tribute to an amazing fusion of architecture and art. Numerous columns and parapets will leave you in amazement with its delicate awareness to art. The 2001 earthquake has contributed to a little damage to this structure but still stands strong.

Lakhota Fort and Lake

Lakhota Lake and Fort is an old palace, It was once the accommodation of the Maharaja of Jamnagar. Situated on a wonderful island at the Lakhota Lake, the fort houses semi-circular structure, bastions, and turrets. There is a curved stone bridge that connects the palace with the town. The entrance of the fort is emphasized with beautifully sculpture jharokhas facing the lake and the protected walls of the palace are decorated with frescoes showcasing the wonderful scenes of the battleground. These days, the fort is in ruined condition and has now been changed over into a museum having the great collection of ancient sculptures, coins, pottery and other inscriptions.

Darbargadh Palace

Darbargadh Palace, located in Jamnagar city, It was one of the most consequential historical attractions in Jamnagar. Darbargadh Palace was initially established in 1540 AD. Known for its brilliant architecture, the Darbargadh Palace showcases an astounding mixture of European styles and Rajput Styles of architecture. It is tastefully adorned with the pleasant demonstration of stone carvings, sculptures, fretwork, jail-screens, and wonderful wall paintings.