Top 10 Places to Visit in Ooty – Queen of Hill Stations

Top 10 Places to Visit in Ooty – Queen of Hill Stations

Ooty – The Queen of Hill Stations , the great combination of natural sight seeing, adventurous sports and spending some time with your loved ones all at one place. Ooty represents a picture of perfect holiday destination that we all dream of. With mesmerising scenery, eucalyptus trees and tea gardens along with impressive mountains around, Ooty offers a refreshing experience and to spend special days of your life. Ooty tour makes a complete tour package with great accommodation facilities, sight seeing and well connectivity with all other parts of the country along with a pleasant and peaceful atmosphere.

Botanical Garden

Botanical Garden is a joy for the nature lovers. The Garden is in terraced layout, having the valuable collection of flowers along with other exotic species of plants in different layers. The foundation of the park was laid down in 1848 during British rule. Further it was renovated and beautified by Indian Government. The garden is divided into 6 separate sections called Lower Garden, New Garden, Italian Garden, Conservatory, Fountain Terrace, and Nurseries.

Tea Factory

Tea Factory is a must-visit place when you are in Ooty.  There are many things that you can learn about the famous beverage. The history of tea is very fascinating and there are three sections dedicated to it – Origins of World tea, Tea history in India and Evolution of Tea in the Nilgiris.

You will be more enlightened as you learn the information on how tea as a beverage and a trade commodity influenced social, economic and cultural factors globally and how these aspects, in turn, influenced the expansion of tea.

Rose Garden

Rose Garden is 3-4 km from Doddabetta Peak and is a perfect place for nature lovers. The garden is totally dedicated to the cultivation of exclusive varieties of roses. It has 2000 species of purebred as well hybrid species of Rose. Blooming colors of roses, this superb garden gives an opportunity to view exclusive varieties of roses that cannot be seen anywhere else.

Doddabetta Peak

The place is situated at a height of around 8,650 feet and makes it the highest peak in south India. This place offers wonderfull treking spots and plenty of picturesque places. There is a small eatery place wordpress where you can taste some food at a cheap price.

Avalanche Lake

A perfect place for adventure lovers and picnic spot to enjoy your time with your family. The name of the lake is a misnomer because it was formed by a huge landslide. You can find large varieties of magnolias and rhododendrons blooming on all sides of the lake.

You can also spend a night over there, take a tent with you as visitors are allowed for pitching tents there. Also, fishing is available there, the lake itself has a trout hatchery, from where you can get all the fishing tools.

Pykara River

Pykara falls are known as a sacred place for the Toda individuals. Pykara River flows through several cascades and waterfalls. The Pykara falls is the most famous tourist attraction in Ooty and are popular for the shola trees, Toda settlements, and wildlife.

Ooty Lake

The Oooty Lake is a man-made lake spread over the area of 65 acres. It was made in 1824 under the British rule. You can enjoy Boat rides over there which is a spectacular feature. Also boat races are organised during the month of may.

Mudumalai National Park

Mudumalai National Park is also called as a popular Tiger Reserve, the Park is a home to several wildlife and bird species. The Bengal Tiger, Indian Bison, Leopards, Asiatic Elephants and some other rare species of birds and animals can be found here.

Emerald Lake

Although the lake is off limits for the travelers, the emerald lake is situated in midst of a reserve forest. The lake can be viewed via a viewpoint on the dam situated nearby.

Stone House

It was the bungalow of past British Governor John Sullivan. The Stone house was built in 1822. Today it serves as a residence of the principal of the Government Arts College in Ooty and is also thought to be the first bungalow in Ooty.