Jeju Island – South Korea

Jeju Island – South Korea

One of the easiest and most relaxing ways to see Jeju Island is by renting a car. The top tourist destination for leisurely vacations in Korea, Jeju Island is perfect for a driving tour with an efficient road network and beautiful scenery. Some travelers may be tempted to drive faster than the limit, but because of the island’s winding roads, speeding is strictly forbidden. The best road for driving is probably Route 12, the beltway around the island. Route 12 provides access to coastal roads along the way, so travelers can enjoy a fantastic drive along the coast with a view of the emerald-colored sea and soaring gulls. Its stunning natural scenery of the island has made it a favorite filming location for numerous Korean TV mini-series, many of which are popular around the world. This Best Tour of Jeju includes some of these filming locations as well as other scenic destinations.

Tour Itinerary

Day 1

Day 3

06:40 Departure from Seoul Gimpo Airport
07:45 Arrival in Jeju Airport
09:15 Biyangdo Island (Spring Day)
15:40 Hyeopjae/Geumneung Beach (Jewel in the Palace)
16:00 Hallim Park
18:00 Blackstone (Dinner) and
18:00 lodging (Ilseong Condo)
09:30 Oedolgae (Jewel in the Palace)
11:00 Paradise Hotel Jeju Honeymoon House
11:00(All in)
12:30 Jeju Folk Village (Jewel in the Palace)
14:00 ATV Jeju Joy (Jewel in the Palace)
16:00 Seopjikoji (All in) / Seongsan Ilchulbong
19:00 Lodging in Jeju-si (Coastway)

Day 2

Day 4

09:00 O’sulloc Tea House Museum
10:30 Mt. Songaksan (Jewel in the Palace)
12:00 Jungmun Resort Complex(Museum of African Art)
12:00 Teddy Bear Museum /
12:00 Convention Center (All in) /
12:00 Jusangjeolli Cliff /
12:00 Lotte Hotel (All in)
21:00 Lodging in Jungmun (White Scenery)
08:00~17:00 Hiking in Mt. Hallasan
18:00 Car Return and Dinner
19:30 Departure from Jeju Airport