The first time many visitors see bern, they’re bowled over through the beauty of its setting. The capital of switzerland is constructed on a sandstone ridge, encircled on 3 sides by way of the aare flowing through a valley. Excessive-level bridges hyperlink the town with the high ground on the proper financial institution and with the more recent elements of the town. Houses and stores, with their street level arcades and projecting roofs, mirror the prosperity of the citizens of bern within the seventeenth and 18th centuries and this charming individual of the nicely-preserved old town is incorporated into the everyday lifestyles of the metropolis, causing it to be recognized by means of unesco as a international history website online.

Top Tourist Attractions in Bern

1. The Old Town


The antique town of Bern is greater than worth of its reputation as a UNESCO international history web site. located on a cliff surrounded on 3 aspects by way of the lovely aquamarine waters of the Aare river, the vintage city has preserved tons of its medieval man or woman. the streets are cobbled and bordered through included, arcade sidewalks that snake on for miles. on the decrease degrees of the homes are shops, cafe’s, bookstores, and eating places, whilst the top flooring are flats.

2. Kunstmuseum


To the west of Waisenhausplatz, on the Hodlerstrasse, is the famed Kunstmuseum (museum of artwork). This massive and wonderful artwork museum is domestic to extra than 51,000 artwork, sculptures, drawings, prints, pics, and movies. It’s far the oldest art museum in Switzerland, constructed in 1879, and holds an global reputation. the gathering contains artwork from the Italian Trecento (duccio, fra angelico); swiss artwork because the fifteenth century (niklaus manuel, albert anker, ferdinand hodler, cuno amiet); and international portray from the 19th and early 20th centuries (impressionism, cubism, expressionism, blaue reiter, surrealism); with particular focus on paul klee, wassily kandinsky, and pablo picasso.

3. The Einstein Museum and the Historical Museum of Bern


Housed in a 130-years old antique Andre-Lambert designed building based on 15th-century castles, the ancient museum of Bern combines with the Einstein museum to shape the second one largest museum in Switzerland. It shows embody more than 1/2 a million gadgets dating from the stone age through the Celts, Romans, middle a while, Napoleonic technology, and into the nineteenth and 20th centuries. Objects from alpine stone age burials are as astounding as fifteenth-century Flemish tapestries and the famous Okönigsfelden diptych painted for the king of hungary.

4. Rosengarten


Without a doubt one of the maximum peaceful and exquisite places in Bern with brilliant views of the town. The rose lawn park (Rosengarten) is a huge open area sitting on a hill slope simply throughout the river from the middle of city. In the beginning a cemetery (1765-1877), the region have become a public park in 1913. It was redesigned inside the late Fifties and now sports activities extra than 200 sorts of roses and another 200 some species of irises, azaleas, and rhododendrons. There’s also a massive, exquisite pond; a pavilion; eating place; and picnic areas.

Berner Münster

Possibly the most famous constructing in Bern, the Berner Münster is likewise called the Bern cathedral and the cathedral of st. Vincent. the cathedral is Switzerland’s largest church from the late center a while, and performed a vital function within the basic improvement of the town’s architecture. the past due gothic introduction is a three-aisled, pillared basilica without transept, all started in 1421 to the layout of matthäus ensinger of ulm, however the tower was not finished till 1893, with the addition of the octagonal upper section and the openwork spire. the west doorway of bern minster is richly adorned with sculpture (now copies); within the tympanum is a final judgment (finished in 1495) containing some of figures, and at the side partitions are art work of the fall and the annunciation.