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Famous for: Hill station, Views, Lakes, Serenity.
Major Attractions: Naini lake, Naina peak.
Nearby Places: Haldwani, Almora.

About Nainital and How to Reach

Nainital is a Himalayan resort town in the Kumaon district of India’s Uttarakhand state, at an elevation of roughly 2,000m. Formerly referred to as the ‘Lake District of India’, Nainital, at 1938 meters above sea level, is a scenic delight that would be irresistible to any tourist. It is located around the popular Naini Lake in a valley. With mountains on all sides, a popular boating site with Naina Devi Hindu Temple on its north shore. Nainital is where you need to be for a rendezvous with nature.

Some of the famous tourist attractions in Nainital

Mall Road


At a distance of 1 km from Tallital Bus Station, Mall Road is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Nainital. It connects the North and South West corner of Nainital Lake known as Mallital and Tallital and runs parallel to Nainital Lake. Shopping in Mall Road is one of the top activities in Nainital.

The Mall Road was constructed during the British colonial rule. This is the main commercial area which runs through the heart of the Nainital town. The Mall road is now named as Govind Ballabh Pant Marg. The road has a number of Hotels, Banks, Showrooms, Department Stores, Shops, Restaurants and Cafes. It is a cluster of many small shops offering varied products. Visitors can enjoy their leisurely evening stroll on the Mall Road, with a cool refreshing breeze blowing across the lake on to the road adding to the charm of the Mall. During summers, this road becomes crowded with locals and tourists enjoying the evening weather.

Nainital Lake / Naini Lake


At a distance of 1.5 km from Tallital Bus Stand, Nainital Lake is a natural freshwater lake, situated amidst the main town of Nainital. Nainital Lake is one of the prime places to visit in Nainital town. The lake is most commonly represented to promote Nainital Tourism.

According to the history, this lake was built in 1839 by P. Barron at an altitude of 2,000 m. This is one of the four lakes of Kumaon hills, the other three lakes are Sattal Lake, Bhimtal Lake and Naukuchiatal Lake. Nainital Lake is lunar-shaped and has an outlet at the southeastern end. The lake covers a perimeter of 2 miles with a depth varies from 6 m to 28 m. Northern part of the lake is called as Mallital while southern part known as Tallital. Balia Nala is the main feeder-stream of the lake. Other than this, 26 major drains, including the three perennial ones, feed it. It is surrounded by panoramic hills on three sides.

High Altitude Zoo


At a distance of 1.5 km from Tallital Bus Stand, G.B. Pant High Altitude Zoo is a high altitude zoo situated in Nainital. It is one of the popular Nainital tourist places and is one of the three High Altitude Zoo Parks in North India, apart from those in Darjeeling and Sikkim.

The Zoo was established in 1984 and is spread over an area of 11 acres. It is situated on the Sher Ka Danda hill at an altitude of 2,100 m (6,900 feet). The Zoo was opened to visitors on 1st June 1995 and is managed by Bharat Ratna Pandit Govind Ballabh Pant High Altitude Zoo Management Society.

Himalaya View from Snow View: Awe at Gleaming Himalayan Mountain Range


Take a cable car/ ropeway to reach one of the most popular tourist attractions in Nainital called Snow View. The place is sort of miniature fun park, which is absolutely perfect for some family enjoyment. MAY THE WEATHER BE WITH YOU, if you are a nature lover, on a clear sky day you shall be able to see the part of the snow-clad Himalayan mountain range? The view is simply outstanding and the experience can be exhilarating. There are number of other activities that you can indulge with.

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Ranikhet – The Queen’s Land https://www.travelguideinc.com/ranikhet-the-queens-land/ Wed, 30 Aug 2017 05:22:07 +0000 http://travelguideinc.com/?p=937 The charming hill station of Ranikhet is located in the Almora district of Uttarakhand at an elevation of 1,829mts above sea level. Ranikhet has everything to pacify the nerves of an avid city dweller. The hill station is Ranikhet, literally meaning – Queens Land, is an all season tourist-spot for the admirers of the natural beauty. Ranikhet is a place that reflects the best of the great Himalayas. The charming and majestic views of the pine trees, lush green forests, delicate plant life and attractive wild life, the scented mountain breeze, the fresh and pure, the singing of birds, the panoramic view of the Himalayas sight, all adds to the heavenly and pure feeling of Ranikhet.

Best places to visit in Queen’s Land – Ranikhet

Chaubatia Orchard


The Vantage point located between the gardens provides some of the clearest views of the surrounding hills and landscapes. The Chaubatia Orchards are a home to the Government Fruit research center that is known for its various types of apples. The orchards contain more than 200 varieties of fruits and flowers and are a popular attraction during the season.

Upat Kalika


The home to a marvelous high altitude golf course, Upat and Kalika is located at a distance of 5 kilometers from Ranikhet and is located at an altitude of 1829 meters above sea level. The spot is also famous for the tourists as a viewing spot that offers some of the most breathtaking views of the Himalayas.



Located in the Almora ranges, Shitlakhet is an undiscovered gem near Ranikhet. A perfect harmony between tranquility and scenic views, this place is perfect for people looking to spend some time in solitude. The place has some stunning views of the nearby Himalayan ranges with peaks like Nanda Devi and also it remains undiscovered by those of tourists coming to nearby places.

Golf Ground


Ranikhet ‘Golf Course’ or ‘Upat Golf Ground’ is one of the prime attractions of Kumaon tourism in Almora district. It is a nine hole golf course and highest in the Asia located at 6132 ft. Golf course comes under Kumaon Regiment of Indian Army but outsiders can also join the club. It is very natural therefore changes its color from green to brown to white as per the season. In the rainy season it shows excessive green, in summers it changes to brown and in winters, snow converts it into white.

Temples in Ranikhet

Mankameshwar Temple


At a distance of 500 m from Ranikhet Bus Stand, Mankameshwar Temple is a Hindu shrine situated next to Narsingh Maidan in Ranikhet town of Uttarakhand. The Mankameshwar Temple was built in 1978 by the Kumaon Regimental Centre of the Indian force. This temple is committed to three main deities namely Goddess Kalika, Lord Shiva and the pair of Radha-Krishna. Mankameshwar Temple is surrounded by eternal beauty and hence it is one of the most picturesque spots in Ranikhet.

Jhula Devi Temple


At a distance of 5 km from Ranikhet Bus Stand, the Jhula Devi Temple or Jhoola Devi Temple is an ancient temple built in the 8th century, situated near Chaubatia Gardens in Almora district of Uttarakhand. The present temple was constructed in 1935. The presiding deity of the temple is Goddess Durga and it is said that the temple was built to seek Goddess Durga’s protection from the wild animals. According to legend, the dense jungle near the temple was once full of wild animals and leopards & Tigers used to attack local villagers. The villagers prayed to Goddess Durga for protection, and one day Goddess Durga came in a shepherd’s dream and advised him to excavate her idol.



At a distance of 34 km from Ranikhet & 77 km from Almora, Dwarahat is an ancient town situated in Almora district of Uttarakhand. It is famous for its ancient temples which were constructed mainly by the Katyuri kings and are maintained by ASI. Dwarahat, which means Way to Heaven, was once the principal seat of the Katyuri kings whose empire was stretched from the Sutlej River in the west to river Gandak in the east, and from the Himalayas to the plains, including the whole of Rohelkhand. Later it came under the rule of the Chand Rajas of Kumaon in the sixteenth century.

Rishikesh – Gateway to the Char Dham https://www.travelguideinc.com/rishikesh-gateway-to-the-char-dham/ https://www.travelguideinc.com/rishikesh-gateway-to-the-char-dham/#respond Sun, 27 Aug 2017 05:31:46 +0000 http://travelguideinc.com/?p=925 Located near the foot of the Himalayas in the Indian state of Uttrakhand, Rishikesh is the 7th largest city in India. It is also called as the “Gateway to the Garhwal Himalayas”. The town is a famous tourist spot and also a major pilgrimage spot for the Hindus. The River Ganges flows through the town of Rishikesh and it is famous for its various shrines and yoga ashrams. Rishikesh also is among the few places in India that offer a multitude of adventure sports to its visitors. With the city of Haridwar only a few miles south from rishikesh, the place is also considered as a ‘holy city’ and is vegetarian.

Places to visit in Rishikesh:

Laxman Jhula


Built in 1939, Lakshman Jhula is a suspension bridge in Rishikesh With a length of 450 feet and at a height of around 70 feet from the river. According to Hinduism, this bridge is built in the same place, where Lakshmana once crossed the river Ganges on a jute rope, thus making this another important pilgrim attraction.

The Beatles Ashram


In February 1968 the Beatles traveled to the Indian town of Rishikesh to attend a session of Transcendental Meditation at the ashram of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. It was this visit that changed the world’s outlook of Indian spirituality. This was considered to be the Beatles’ most productive time, they wrote various songs during this visit most of which gained huge media attention and commercial success. This ashram is now a part of Rajaji National Park and has to be entered through the same.

Swarg Ashram


On the left bank of the river Ganges, is located one of the oldest Yoga ashrams in India. The Swarg ashram covers the whole area between the ram and the Laxman Jhula and was built in the memory of Saint Swami Vishudhanand. It’s a perfect place for people who seek solitude in this holy city. You can sit and meditate for hours near the private river banks which are totally devoid of any rituals found at the rest of the banks or just sit watching the sun rise from the Shivaliks, setting fire to the cold, glistening waters of Ganga.



Kaudiyala is considered to be one of the most visited viewpoints in Rishikesh. Located at around 36 kilometers from Rishikesh towards Devprayag and 380 meters above sea level, Kaudiyala is famous for offering its visitors the adventure sport of whitewater rafting and is one of the premier locations in the country for this sport. Dense hill forests surround the region and the place is also a habitat for many wild species of flora and fauna.



Located at a distance of 19 kilometers from Rishikesh, The town of Shivpuri is situated on the banks of the river Ganges and is named after a temple here dedicated to Lord Shiva. In the recent years, this place has become famous for water adventure sports-especially white water rafting. A visit here is recommended to experience the mighty river Ganga in its most beautiful form.

Jumpin heights


Rishikesh is one place which does not only provide the visitors with a dose of spirituality but also a taste of the thrill of adventure sports. The best example of such an offering is the Jumpin heights center, which is a must visit for adventure enthusiasts. It is one of the most recommended places to visit for adventure sports in Rishikesh because of their safety precautions, experienced instructors and location.

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Haridwar- “The Gateway of Lord” https://www.travelguideinc.com/haridwar-the-gateway-of-lord/ https://www.travelguideinc.com/haridwar-the-gateway-of-lord/#respond Fri, 25 Aug 2017 06:15:15 +0000 http://travelguideinc.com/?p=913 The sacred city of Haridwar offers a colorful and fascinating blend of culture. Being one of the seven holiest cities in India, Haridwar often bustles with devotees. It propitious location near the holy River Ganga has made it gain more popularity. With the passage of time, it has become more than just a religious city, where people thronged to perform immersion of the ashes or took a dip in the water to wash away their sins. It has in fact evolved into Yoga, cultural and spiritual center and has also become a prime hub for learning the Sanskrit language. The modern day, Haridwar is the reflection of the culture of India and thus offer much to its visitors.

Visitor Information

Famous for: Spirituality, Temples, Ghats.
Major Attraction: Har Ki Pauri.
Nearby Places: Rishikesh, Dehradun, Mussoorie.

Best places that one must see in this holy city:

Har Ki Pauri – Ganga Temple


One of the most popular places in Haridwar, Har Ki Pauri is a Ghat, which was built by King Vikramaditya. It is believed that Vikramaditya ordered for this Ghat to be constructed in the memory of his brother Bharthari. The most famed spot here is the Brahma Kund, which is thronged by devotees from all over the country. Another major attraction of Har Ki Pauri is the evening Aarti that is organized each evening with great zeal. It is, in fact, one of those events in Haridwar that one should not miss out on. After the Aarti, devotees float Diyas in the River Ganga, which looks stunning in the evening light.

Vishnu Ghat


One of the sacred and the most visited Ghats in Haridwar; Vishnu Ghat is named after the Hindu deity Lord Vishnu. It is considered a sacred place as Lord Vishnu took bath at this spot and the water is said to relieve all sins. Haridwar is often called the gateway to the Hindu pilgrimage sites of the ‘Char Dhams’ and attracts a huge number of tourists due to its amazing mountains, rivers, and ancient temples. The above-mentioned places are few of the most frequented places in Haridwar and are sure you engulf you in a spiritual healing experience.

Birla Ghat


Known as one of the quieter, solitary ghats at Haridwar, the Birla Ghat is one of the oldest ghats in the pilgrim city. The government tourist house is right next to it. If you want to get away from the rush and noise at Har ki Paudi, this place is a good option.

Bhimgoda Kund/Tank


Having historical importance, the Bhimgoda Kund/Tank is situated about 1km from Har ki Pauri. Legend has it that while proceeding to the Himalaya, the Pandavas stopped by to drink the water here in Haridwar, and Bhimgoda is the place where Bhima drew water from the rocks by thrusting his knee (Goda). It is a major attraction in Haridwar and is visited by many people all through the year.

Chandi Devi Temple


Built by King Suchat Singh, Chandi Devi Temple is perched on Neel Parvat. To reach the temple one has to trek 3kms from Chandi Ghat or have to take the cable car. According to legends, it is the same place where Goddess Chandi killed Chanda-Munda, an army chief of the Demon Kings Shumbha and Nishumbha. It is also believed that the main deity in the temple was established by the great saint Adi Shankaracharya in the 8th century.

Mansa Devi Temple


Presiding over the Bilwa Parvat is the temple of Mansa Devi. It is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Haridwar and can be reached by a cable car. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Mansa (the goddess who fulfills wishes) and has two prime idols of the Goddess in the main temple; one with three mouths and five arms, while the other one has eight arms. Another reason for the temple being famous is the spectacular view from the cable car.

Udan Khatola


The amazing Udan Khatola is a ropeway that is used to reach the temples on the hill. It is faster and easier way to visit the temples than by climbing the rugged terrain. It starts in the area close to Chandi Devi mandir and one can enjoy magnificent views of the low lying regions.

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